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Adaptable Dogs!

I know I’m biased – but we dogs really are amazing!

Not only can we understand our dear human-friends, with their weird signals and sounds, but we can do this without much bother – even if we’re blind or deaf or have some other disability to contend with.

Kiri is a Red Setter and she is my best friend!


We really didn’t like each other a few years ago but one day we decided we should be friends and since then we haven’t looked back!  I know our human families are astounded (at one point we couldn’t be in the same room, never mind the same crate!) – but that’s what dogs are like.

Anyway, my friend Kiri is really special.  And she’s special because she’s blind.

She hasn’t been able to see since she was 2 weeks old but it hasn’t stopped her at all.  She’s a member of the Tailwagger Display Team (I’m a member too) and there’s not much she can’t do!

As well as being a key member of the team line-up, Kiri can find her bed in the middle of the arena, she plays musical mats and she loves dancing in the Team’s opening sequence.  She’s great!

Kiri’s even been to Crufts to demonstrate the Gold level of the Kennel Club’s Good Citizen Dog Scheme.

Basically, what I’m trying to say is that if ever you humans are put off from letting a disabled dog steal your heart and become part of your family – don’t be!  We dogs adapt and invariably cope with a disability a billion times better than you humans do.

I’m so glad Kiri is my friend.  I know Angela, Kiri’s owner, wouldn’t be without her, so if you are ever looking for a dog to share your life PLEASE don’t overlook a dog with a disability – you’ll be amazed at what they can do!



Kiri – my best friend – is a key example!


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