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The Dog Lot sponsors the Tailwagger Tournament!

My mum tells me there used to be a crazy, off-the-wall competition that you humans took part in on the tele.  People wore silly costumes and on the odd occasion celebrities and even royalty joined in!  It was called “It’s a knockout!”.

Well, guess what?!

Yes, that’s right!  The Tailwagger Club – my training club – has developed a similar competition that your human can compete in…..with you…..their loyal companion!

I’m not usually into these type of “games” – I’d sooner supervise and let others do all the work, but I have to admit I can’t wait for it to be my turn when we practice some of the activities in class!


So what is it exactly?

For starters – there’s no excuse my furry friends – it’s a competition suitable for ALL pet dogs – young or old, large or small, anyone can take part.

It’s made up of a series of challenges – in 2012 there were five – a fast recall/relay race, a Kong retrieval game, musical dog chairs, a slow recall race and a tidy-up game (my favourite, cos I can wind my mum up A LOT!!!).

You and your human can enter the “Individuals” competition or if you have a few friends, why not make up a team?  There needs to be six of you but you need to have an extra human who can be the team captain.

Teams are given their own theme tune and in turn must wear something identifying themselves and of course, you must have a ridiculous team name!  Last year the “Mad Pack of Snozzlers”, the “Hotdogs”, the “N.A.B.S” (Nearly All Blacks) and the “Numpty’s” battled it out to find out who would take home the fabulous shield and winner rosettes (not to mention the prizes as well!).

And, as there was in “It’s a knockout!”, teams have a Joker Card and it’s the team captain’s job to decide when best to play it – after all, it doubles your score for the chosen game, so it’s all to play for!

So, if your human enjoys having  a laugh and is game for some fun with you, their best furry friend – get them to take part this year!

IMG_3926-001Don’t worry if you haven’t yet shown your human your full intelligence and potential, you can still take part cos the human organisers have said you don’t have to be a highly trained dog.  A bit of messing about can be on the agenda (we just don’t let on to our humans that we’re doing it on purpose!), if we let the humans think we don’t know what to do, the points system allows them to help us…….it just means they have to work a bit harder……..and we can still achieve a good score!

The Numpty’s were the 2012 champions and from what I understand they are planning to defend their crown.  So, come on, get your human to sign you up and get yourself ready for some crazy canine fun at the Tournament finals in the Autumn.

You can email us at and we’ll send you some information or go directly to the Tailwagger’s website at

The Tailwagger Tournament!!!!  I can’t wait!!!!

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