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What’s been happening…..?!

It’s been a topsy-turvy year!

It’s been really sad.

My big brother, Hector, crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  I miss him loads.  He was always far quieter and I have to admit, much better behaved than me, but he was my best friend and it’s not the same without him.  I have tried to keep everyone busy and cheerful with my mischief but I ended up getting myself into trouble and managed to rupture my other cruciate ligament!  Out of action again!  Operation again!


Yep, I’ve had my leg operated on but had a double-whammy cos I’d been a bit limpy on my left leg as well, it was decided I needed to have the plate taken out to make me better! Talk about being a bald-eagle!

It’s now November (the operation was in May) and I’m still not right.  I’m hearing rumours I might need another operation……great!  I’ll keep you informed!

Although I’ve officially been ‘out of action’, I’ve still been able to get out and about with the Tailwagger Display Team.  I’ve given myself a title…..Chief Team Supporter!  We’ve been to loads of local shows, Bramham Horse Trials and to the Inter-Dog Olympics in Wales (we retained our crown, so it was well worth going along to support them!)

The Dog Lot has been keeping me busy, but more about that later…..!


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